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Plug In Profit Site Reviewed: Is Stone Evans Program Still Profitable?

We completed our application for Stone Evans's Plug-In Profit Site just a few days ago, but wanted to share some initial impressions.

1. Set up of our site was completed by the PIPS team in about half the time promised. Having been online for a few years, I am impressed with the professional look of the site and its layout for optimal monetization.

2. Support is prompt and professional. (We had a couple of minor issues with affiliate links that were fixed immediately)

3. I have just begun the 30 day plan but I am impressed. It is very detailed, yet not overwhelming. Instructions are well written and easy to follow, with screen shots included when it helps to explain the actions being recommended.

Based on what I've seen and experienced these past few days, I highly recommend Plug-In Profit Site to both novice and experienced online marketers. The beginner will get started on a good foundation with a reputable coach in Stone Evans. And experienced online marketers will gain an additional asset and affiliate revenue stream for their businesses.

Is this long-lasting Stone Evans program still profitable? Well, based on current testimonies, yes. Has it been for me? No revenue yet but the site is brand new. Profitable in terms of the training and wisdom I've already received? Absolutely. And I have no doubt I will see a financial profit from my Plug-In Profit Site especially considering my cost in getting the site built was free! (Thanks Stone Evans!)

I have known about Plug-In Profit Site for over six years. But for a number of reasons, I did not join until now. Don't make this same mistake. Start your Plug-In Profit Site today.

If I can be of any assistance with your home based business, you can reach me via:
Skype: prosperityservice
Tel: 342.562-9295
Email: click here

David Best


P.S. I look forward to opportunities for serving and empowering you to “Be Your Best” so you may experience both success and significance through "work from home prosperity" as you build your home based business.

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